August 26, 2007

PC reset/shutdown intermittently!(Processor Overheats)

The problem may occur to almost all type of PC, especially on processors with higher speed(AMD Duron700 to Intel P4 Proc).There are a lot of possible causes why a system reboots intermittently, it maybe a software or a hardware problem, But sometime there is an area we often neglect in troubleshooting and that is the cooling system of your processors. Processor temperature must be maintained to a certain level, when it rises higher to its usual temperature it may reset or shutdown your PC intermittently.Please do the necessary steps below before you suspect of a hardware or software failure, it may save you time and money.
  1. Check and observe if your processor fan is running smoothly, it may be running slow. Replace your processor fan right away if it is defective.
  2. If you think your processor fan is running just fine, try to check the air passage just beneath the fan it maybe clogged up with dust, denying the air to reached down to the bottom of your processor heatsink, causing the processor to overheat during operation.
  3. Remove the processor heatsink and inspect the area around the processor, if maybe covered with dust.

Note: AMD Duron/Athlon processors for socket 462 generate lots of heat compare to its Intel counterpart, making this kind of processors more vulnerable to damage. Regular checking and cleaning of your processors cooling system will avoid this kind of a problem.


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